Dollbaby By Laura Lane McNeal

Laura Lane McNeal


DOLLBABY, by Laura Lane McNeal, is her first novel.  She lives and writes in New Orleans. How cool is that!

The year is 1964 and Ibby Bell’s dad has been killed in a tragic accident. Her mother doesn’t waste any time dumping Ibby and her dad’s ashes on Ibby’s grandmother Fanny who lives across the country in New Orleans. What a far cry from Washington state!

Fanny’s uptown mansion is dark and full of secrets.  It isn’t long before we realize that there’s more to this scenario than meets the eye. Is Fanny truly out of her mind? Why is she being carried off to “rest” so often at the local asylum? If not for Queenie the cook and Dollbaby, her sassy daughter, poor Ibby would never have been able to figure anything out.

In the vein of SAVING CEE CEE HONEYCUTT and THE HELP, DOLLBABY takes on the civil rights era and coming of age in New Orleans.

I’ve been to New Orleans several times. Each time I’ve come away with a new take on the city, the food, and the people. I love the place. And I appreciate it’s uniqueness.  I have a dear friend who lives there and has been able to show me some of the underside of the city and the culture


Laura Lane McNeal

This is another novel worthy of your summer-reading list. Toss it in your bag and go.  My copy arrived compliments of Penguin Books. Thanks so much!


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