The Truth And Other Lies by

The Truth And Other Lies

The Truth And Other Lies

THE TRUTH AND OTHER LIES, by Sascha Arango, is anything BUT the truth. In other words, prepare yourself to question every single thing in this psychological thriller!

Not long ago, I watched a movie called BIG EYES. You may remember it. Was stellar. In some ways it was like watching a train wreck. But wonderful. This book has the same ingredients in many ways. But is yet entirely unique. Make sense? Read it and you will see.

The novel takes place in Europe.  It helps create the sense of mystery. And there’s plenty of that in this thriller.

Dark, witty, and suspenseful, this literary crime thriller reminiscent of THE DINNER and THE SILENT WIFE follows a famous author whose wife-the brains behind his success-meets an untimely death, leaving him to deal with the consequences.”

This unputdownable thriller from Arango is quite the page-turner! A hidden past,  a best-selling author with a secret past. But, wait, he’s not even the author… Henry Hayden is one sly fox.  With his pregnant mistress and his “other” life, what else could possibly be in the cards?

Sascha Arango is one of Germany’s most prominent screenplay writers and a two-time winner of the Grimme Prize, a prestigious award for German television, for his work on the long-running detective series TATORT.  He lives in German and this novel is translated from the German.

My review copy came from Simon and Schuster publishing. Thank you so much!


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