The Seven Sisters by Lucinda Riley

Lucinda Riley

The Seven Sisters

THE SEVEN SISTERS, by Lucinda Riley, will stand out as one of my favorite books of this year. And, to think, there are six more to come: a new series. Oh my. How fabulous.

At 457 pages, THE SEVEN SISTERS, comes in as no shrinking violet when speaking of number of pages. But, I am here to tell you that you will come to cherish all of them the farther into the book you get. I was reading like a mad scientist coming to a conclusion as I rounded the last turn of the book. What a whirlwind.

THE SEVEN SISTERS, begins when Maia D’Apliese and her five sisters gather together at their childhood home, “Atlantis”-a fabulous, secluded castle on the shores of Lake Geneva. They’ve recently learned of the death of their much beloved adopted father. They each were adopted at birth. And now have been given an intriguing clue as to their true heritage.

The first novel in the series features Maia and we find her heritage lies in exotic Brazil. Just look at the cover photo of the novel. Take a good look. What do you see? Yes, it’s one of the wonders: CHRIST THE REDEEMER.  This compelling novel takes you to Paris where the architect who designed the statue works and lives. You visit the mysterious and wondrous streets of Montparnasse where you can pretend you are one of the locals enjoying a sip while people-watching in the outside cafes. Come along with Riley and feast your eyes and senses on the Paris of old. And then move on the steamy locale of Rio and the mysteries of Maia’s ancestors.

This is the extraordinary story of not one, but two beguiling women. Set decades apart, you will find yourself totally entranced by their stories. I know I did. As much as I wished to discover the truth I also did not want the trip to end. And neither will you.


Lucinda Riley

How fabulous to know there will be more of this story. And Riley is not making us wait too long. In fact, the next installment is due out in November. I am already looking forward to hearing all about the lives of the other sisters.

The attention to detail and the sense of place are superb. Right down to the trip up the side of the mountain in Rio to the scent of rich coffee and tobacco on the streets of Montparnasse.

Other, fabulous novels by Riley include: THE MIDNIGHT ROSE; THE LAVENDER GARDEN, and THE ORCHID HOUSE.

My gorgeous finished copy of THE SEVEN SISTERS, by Lucinda Riley, came from Atria books in exchange for an honest review. I loved it!!! Thanks so much.


3 thoughts on “The Seven Sisters by Lucinda Riley

  1. I had never come across Lucinda Riley until I visited your fab book site. I have put The Seven Sisters on my to read list.

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