Seven Letters From Paris by Samantha Verant

Samantha Verant

Seven Letters from Paris

SEVEN LETTERS FROM PARIS, by Samantha Verant, is not a silly romance. It’s a bona fide memoir written in such a way as to take you soaring into never never land. Take you away is exactly what SEVEN LETTER FROM PARIS will do. It will totally transport you to Samantha’s world which is filled with romance and all the wonders of France. But it wasn’t always like this…

When Samantha was nineteen she and her friend Tracey traveled to Paris one summer. It was the first leg of their European vacation. Never in their wildest dreams did they imagine meeting two lovely Frenchmen and falling in love. But that is exactly what happened twenty years ago.  At the time it sure seemed to be too good to be true. Since their tickets were prepaid they had to leave Paris way too soon. The rest of their precious trip became lackluster, and then it was time to go home and back to college.

Samantha received seven love letters from Paris from Jean-Luc after she returned from her summer jaunt. She never answered even one. She just thought he was too good to be true; this sexy French rocket scientist.

Twenty years later Samantha wakes up in a loveless marriage riddled with debt. The only real partner she has is her faithful dog. But as she thinks of those few days in Paris all those years ago and that lovely Frenchman, and a plan begins to form.

I love this memoir to death!  It is such a dream come true. And so lusciously written. Sam has captured the vulnerability and reality in both her own life and those of her family and friends.

I kept wanting to see a picture of Andre. And loved the video on the blog.

I wish Samantha all the love and happiness she deserves!


I bought my copy of SEVEN LETTERS FROM PARIS, by Samantha Verant. So happy.


Samantha Verant



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