A Bone To Pick by Mark Bittman

Mark Bittman

A Bone To Pick

A BONE TO PICK, by Mark Bittman, is a compilation of the best of his NYT columns written between 2008-2014. Bittman is also an extremely accomplished cookbook author. I have several of his cookbooks and, we use them almost daily.

Mark Bittman

How To Cook Everything

mark Bittman

How To Cook Everything Vegetarian

Both of the HOW TO COOK books are virtual tomes containing everything you could possibly need.

In Bittman’s newest book, he attacks many industries, all of them dealing with our food and how it’s raised, grown, or prepared. Most of us have become more “informed” the past several years about our food. But, there is just so much out there it’s hard to wade through it all. Bittman makes it easier to find out the truth. That doesn’t mean it’s not scary. It scares me everyday. Every time I read about a new fad diet or see a show on how animals are treated before slaughter, I cringe and feel ill. And the fast food industry is certainly not without their own problems. However, Bittman goes on to give you a list of some fast food spots that  are the least offensive.

I find myself very concerned about GMO’s,  how safe is organic food, really. Things like this. On a daily basis. My daughter and her family are trying hard to live a healthier lifestyle. They eat organic as often as possible. So do we. I know there are now school lunch programs that are healthy. And a slow food movement is on the rise all over the country. This is all good. But, it is being informed that is what is going to help us the most. Bittman is certainly the guy to pay attention to. He knows his stuff!

I received this new book from Blogging For Books in exchange for an honest review.



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