Giveaway! The Cake Therapist by Judith Fertig

Judith Fertig

The Cake Therapist

THE CAKE THERAPIST, by Judith Fertig, is Fertig’s first novel. She’s already an accomplished cookbook author, and now she’s spread out, moved into another genre. I’m so glad she has. Savory and delectable, THE CAKE THERAPIST, will make you want more.

For those of you who have enjoyed reading CHOCOLAT and THE SCHOOL OF ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS, you are in for such a treat. I love reading about food. And I’ll admit that I love a good cake. The cover alone drew me in.

Claire O’Neill has fled the coop: left her home in NYC and all the dark secrets it holds. She’s moving back to her small hometown in Ohio to open a bakery with speciality cakes as her theme. But Claire ( nicknamed Neely) is not just an ordinary pastry chef. She is able to taste elusive flavors most of us miss. Plus, she “tastes” feelings- cinnamon makes you remember; plum is pleased with itself; orange is a wake-up call. When flavor and feeling give Neely a glimpse of someone’s inner self, she can customize her creations to help that person celebrate love, overcome fear, even mourn a devastating loss.

While Neely is working through her dark past and heartache she rebonds with the friends she left behind when she moved to NYC. We have mystery, a host of great characters, a well-written story, and we have CAKE! What’s not to love:)

I have one copy of THE CAKE THERAPIST, by Judith Fertig, for giveaway. Please leave a comment below. Only U.S. addresses, please. And, as usual, no P.O. boxes. I will choose one winner  on Monday, June 8. Good luck everyone!


9 thoughts on “Giveaway! The Cake Therapist by Judith Fertig

  1. I just now subscribed to your blog. I read “The Nightingale” based on your review that I stumbled across on Google. Now I’m looking for more good suggestions to share with my book club of 24 years.

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