Giveaway! Madeleine’s War by Peter Watson


Madeleine’s War

MADELEINE’S WAR, by Peter Watson, is one of those books I could not wait to get my greedy little hands on. I contacted the people at Nan A. Talese begging for a review copy long before any were available. And why was I so wild to read this novel, you might ask? A few years ago I was browsing the stacks in my favorite bookstore in NYC, The Strand. I was deep in the basement when I made a monumental discovery. This amazing bookstore has review copies of books on their shelves. Not upstairs, but downstairs. Hidden away. Some of them were even finished copies. I came across a copy of a book called THE CLOUDS BENEATH THE SUN, by Mckenzie Ford. I snatched it up and practically ran up the stairs to purchase it before someone told me I could not buy it. It was a beautiful finished copy. Half the price of what it would be once published. And it was not published yet. A big saga of Africa.

Now on to MADELEINE’S WAR. Ford is actually Watson. Disguised. The story is told entirely in the voice of Matthew Hammond, a former British military officer in WW11 who lost a lung while on the front lines. Now he’s unable to fight but is able to train new resistance fighters: both men and women.  He’s lost one lover tragically already. And now he’s training Madeleine to go behind the scenes and parachute into the French interior; an act to distract from the Normandy invasion. Of course military personnel are not supposed to fall in love. However, it’s wartime, and this happens quite often.

Who is Madeleine? She’s a French-Canadian beauty  who’s decided to fight for freedom.  She feels she’s got nothing to loose at this point and is a perfect candidate for just this sort of resistance. But she did not plan on falling in love…

Watson’s attention to detail comes from his infinite research on the matter at hand. He’s a spot-on historian who’s done his homework and then some.  He’s managed to capture our attention and keep it with the promise of romance and drama. His story keeps getting better. And the climax and ending are surprising.

I have two copies of MADELEINE’S WAR, by Peter Watson, for giveaway, compliments of the generous people at Nan Talese. Please leave a comment below. As usual, I can not send to P.O. boxes, and only U.S. addresses, please. Good luck! I will choose my two winners on Tuesday, May 26.


15 thoughts on “Giveaway! Madeleine’s War by Peter Watson

  1. We toured Normandy two years ago and was touched by the experience. If I was to read this book, I will be able to picture the characters more vividly having been there. I would love to win it.

  2. I am new to your blog but I am impressed. I wish I could get as many books read as you seem to! So many books, so little time.
    Thank you for all of your reviews.

  3. My dear friend in FL told me about your blog earlier this year when we were visiting. I really have enjoyed your suggestions for good to great reads. As some of the folks above indicate their desire to be selected for various reasons, I would love to win for a couple reasons as well. First, my 61st birthday is Tuesday May 26 and I share this day with John Wayne, famous for war films and westerns as well as Stevie Nicks, not famous for war films but definitely who sang the ‘leather and lace’ song which can conjure up Westerns.

    My Dad was a gunnery Drill Instructor in the Army Air Corps and flew as a bombardier with over 26 missions in Europe. I am sure that many of us share this fact as well; having had fathers who fought in WWII and perhaps even mothers who served actively or at home. My husband and I also toured Normandy last September and were mesmerized by the history of the beaches, haunted by the remnants of the temporary landing and docks off the coast of Arromanches which were so vital to the success of D Day. Just a tremendous historical event and so worthwhile seeing. Fortunate that my father came home with “only” the emotional scars of war, my husband and I were so touched by the the fields of white crosses, some with names, many without.

    I am drawn to historical fiction and am especially excited to read and enjoy a book that has been written by someone who has done exacting research of the time period. I would be so happy to receive this work.

    Thank you very much for the consideration and please, keep up the excellent blog. Truly great.

    Rosie Lovejoy-Cunningham

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