A Lucky Life Interrupted by Tom Brokaw

Tom Brokaw

A Lucky Life Interrupted

A LUCKY LIFE INTERRUPTED, by Tom Brokaw, is about his bout with cancer. But it’s most certainly not just about cancer. In fact, it’s about dignity and strength, and positive thinking and tenacity.

I’ve long been a fan of Tom Brokaw. I’ve admired his journalism. I’ve enjoyed following his amazing life. And he writes about the amazing people he’s met, the important and amazing places he’s visited and covered in his career, and the things he’s been able to accomplish. But, mainly, he’s come to terms with what is really important in the big picture. His values, of family and friends, are even stronger than before his diagnosis. Everything changes with cancer. Or any other life-threatening disease.


Tom Brokaw

I found myself hearing Tom’s voice as I read this powerful book. That’s great writing. I think this important book should be required reading for anyone who’s undergoing stress in their lives or in the lives of their friends or loved ones. It’s extremely inspirational while also being full of great hands on experience.

I borrowed my copy from work using our employee reading program. What a great perk.


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