Five Nights In Paris by John Baxter

John Baxter

Five Nights In Paris

FIVE NIGHTS IN PARIS, by John Baxter, has kept me transported to The City Of Light for two days! Ah, Paris. I love thee.

John Baxter is the author of numerous books of nonfiction. This one inspired by the movie MIDNIGHT IN PARIS. In this delightful romp through Paris Baxter keeps you regaled with fun stories about celebrities, famous cafes, streets and boulevards. And so much more. And food.

Baxter has been living in Paris for more than twenty years. He’s an expat married to a French woman. He makes his living writing books and conducting literary tours of Paris.

FIVE NIGHTS IN PARIS is divided into five walking itineraries: Sound; Taste; Touch; Scent; Sight. There’s also a fun fact-filled prologue filled with tasty bits of info that act as an appetizer for the main course.

Baxter admits that real writers rarely write in Paris cafes nowadays. Usually, they hide away at their desks, only coming out from cover when absolutely necessary.

“He says that Hemingway was one of the last authors to write in a cafe–specifically the Closerie des Lilas. These days, the cafes where Hemingway and Sartre held court have been transformed. Today’s moneymaker is food, not coffee and conversation.”

I love the vignettes at the beginning of each chapter. For example: “If I can’t see Paris when I open my eyes in the morning, I want to go right back to sleep.” Hedy Lamarr in Algiers.

I have a dream. It’s to return to Paris. I had almost given up on it. But after reading FIVE NIGHTS IN PARIS, my mind is set to keep my dream afloat. And now I must read all of John’s books. He has several about Paris. I want them all:)


John Baxter

My lovely review copy arrived from Harper Collins publishing company. Thanks, guys.


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