Giveaway! Two Copies Of The Summer’s End by Mary Alice Monroe

Mary Alice Monroe

The Summer’s End

I am thrilled to be able to offer two copies of THE SUMMER’S END, by Mary Alice Monroe, for my giveaway. Please leave a comment below in order to register for the prize! This is a trilogy. THE SUMMER’S END is the third and last book of the series.

Maurice On Books is proud to announce a blurb inside the cover of THE SUMMER’S END, by Mary Alice Monroe! How cool is that!

These are the books you will want in your beach bag: THE SUMMER GIRLS and THE SUMMER WIND, then THE SUMMER’S END. I have a copy of the third novel. Not the entire series. So good luck. I will choose two winners on Monday, May 18.

And, no P.O. boxes, and only U.S. addresses, please. Many thanks go out to Gallery Books for sponsoring my giveaway. How generous of them. And to Angela, for all your hard work:)

Mary Alice Monroe

The Summer Girls




Mary Alice Monroe

The Summer Wind




15 thoughts on “Giveaway! Two Copies Of The Summer’s End by Mary Alice Monroe

  1. I would LOVE a copy of The Summer’s End by Mary Alice Monroe! She is one of my favorite authors, and I have been eagerly awaiting the third and final book in the trilogy. I enjoyed The Summer Girls and The Summer Wind so much, perfect books for summer reading. I just returned from my first trip to the Charleston, SC area. Being in the Low Country made me think of Mary Alice Monroe and how well she describes this beautiful area in her books.

    Thanks for all your great book reviews!

    Ann Boyle

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  2. I’ve been waiting for this one to finish the trilogy. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for the giveaways.

  3. I have had the privilege of reading an ARC of The Summer’s End. I believe it to be the best of the series…and I really loved the others, so that’s saying a lot. It was interesting how the house became as important a character as the living, breatHong ones. Mary Alice really gives you a sense of place and leaves you longing for home and the feeling of home. I loved how she tied in subject matter from her earlier works as well. This is a wonderful beach read and such a level series from start to finish. I remember reading the first book and saying how upset I was that this was a series…I wanted an ending. Mary Alice, I so forgive you. I have enjoyed each and every one! Looking forward to what you have in the works next.

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