Second Chance Friends by Jennifer Scott

Jennifer Scott

Second Chance Friends

SECOND CHANCE FRIENDS, by Jennifer Scott, is about four completely different women finding themselves, as mothers, wives, and friends.

Karen, Melinda, and Joanna met in a very unconventional way. You see, they all frequented the Tea Rose Dinner, but had never been there at the same time… Until the day of the unforgettable accident that neither of them can get over.

SECOND CHANCE FRIENDS begins with a tough chapter. One minute we’re happily driving along in the car with Maddie Routh and her young husband. They’re on their way to the doctor to confirm their pregnancy. Just when we are getting to know then and wallow in their happiness, the unthinkable happens.

Jennifer Scott tackles tough subjects in this new novel. Each woman is dealing with an issue of epic proportions. And Scott deals with these issues through a story that shows the resilience of the human spirit and the capability of love.

I first read Jennifer Scott last winter with her THE SISTER SEASON. I liked her writing. I was excited to see her come out with a new novel just in time for summer.

My review copy came from NAL, a division of Penguinrandomhouse. Thanks guys!


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