My New Roots by Sarah Britton

Plant-based recipes for every season

My New Roots

MY NEW ROOTS, by Sarah Britton, has come along at a perfect time for me. I am trying hard to eat healthy. To eat real food. Like we did back in the old days when I was a kid. There were no alternatives. We ate organic and fresh because that is how vegetables and fruits grew naturally until we began using pesticides and creating GMO ( genetically altered seeds).

I love the cover of this gorgeous book! Even though the premise of this cookbook is inspired plant-based recipes for EVERY season, it’s the summer and spring recipes that really called me. Probably because I live in the land of almost perpetual spring and summer:)

Britton begins her book with an introduction explaining how her life changed when she picked a tomato hanging from an organic vine in Arizona. She had eaten only processed foods, or fruits and vegetables that had been picked before their ripeness and traveled thousands of miles. Anyone who has ever tasted a home grown tomato versus a store-bought one, knows this feeling. MY NEW ROOTS is divided into five sections: Spring; early summer; late summer; autumn, and winter. Her photography is stellar, bringing the season to life right before your eager eyes. And then she supplies healthy grain-free recipes for morning, small measures, mains, and sweets.


Grain-Free Hamp Tabbouleh

I chose this photo of this  lovely fresh grain-free salad because it is so perfect for me right now. Summer is actually here in S.W. Florida. It’s already sunny and quite warm. Salads are going to be my mainstay during our long summer days. The key to this one is not only fresh, but grain-free. I have to move forward without grains. It’s a health issue. And in order for me to succeed, I must discover delicious recipes such as this one.  This salad is traditionally made with bulgur, but Britton has instead used chickpeas she’s pulsed in her food processor, chopping them just enough to turn them into grain-like pieces. Then she combines them with creamy hemp hearts and thick steaks of gorgeous heirloom tomatoes. Mint and parsley enhance the rich pine nuts and olive oil. It all adds up to a great big dose of YUM!

I received this amazing cookbook from Blogging For Books in exchange for an honest review. Thanks so much!


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