Picnic In Provence by Elizabeth Bard

Memoir with recipes

Picnic in Provence

The amazing cover of PICNIC IN PROVENCE, by Elizabeth Bard, is enough to put a big ole smile on your face. And make you want to jump right on a plane to France! The author of LUNCH IN PARIS, has done it again, and in a big way. She’s moved to Provence with her husband, from their love nest in Paris. And the two of them are now about to become three as  Bard’s memoir begins.

Elizabeth and Gwendal take their last romantic getaway before the birth of their first child, not expecting to fall in love with the quaint and beautiful tiny paradise in Provence. But, fall in love they did. They decided to buy an old house once owned by a poet who aided in the resistance during the war. They do decide to remain in Paris until their son is born. Elizabeth Bard says about Paris in August: “Paris in August is like the set of a science fiction movie-a planet void of life except for very pregnant women and stray cats. The civilized world is on holiday, walking in rolled-up jeans and summer cashmere on a beach in Brittany, or donning white linen trousers and expensive sunglasses in, well, Provence.” But once their little blue bundle of joy arrives, they are off and running, to their new paradise, in Provence!

Reading Bard’s prose is like reading letters from an old friend who just happens to live in France.  I love hearing about all her escapades in parenting, cooking, gardening, and making friends. I love how open and honest she is in sharing her lack of parenting skills, and what she does to hone them. I also enjoyed learning the differences in the school systems in France from the ones here in U.S..

When all was said and done Elizabeth and Gwendal decided to open an artisanal ice cream shop in their tiny village. How they embarked on this new journey and became culinary entrepreneurs, is witty and fun, and just flat-out, delicious! Yuum.


Elizabeth & Gwendal

Delicious recipes using the luscious fruits and vegetables that grow regionally and seasonally are sprinkled throughout the entire book, tempting you to stop reading and go cook. And Bard’s sense of place is lovely and serene, making you want to be right there.

PICNIC IN PROVENCE, by Elizabeth Bard, has to go in your beach bag this summer! It just must!

My lovely copy came from Little Brown. How happy I am to have it, and thanks.

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