A Bowl of Olives by Sara Midda

Sara Midda

A Bowl of Olives

I absolutely love this tiny gem of a book. It’s part food writing, part poetry. Filled with tiny vignettes, A BOWL OF OLIVES, is the perfect little something-something to present to a friend as a gift.

Sara Midda lives in Sussex, England. She previously lived in the south of France. It shows through her artwork and its jewel-like watercolors.  It’s playful and unique; a collection of photos and line drawings.  Workman Publishers says, “It’s a work of pure enchantment, celebrating food of the seasons, of family, of travel and memory. It is richly layered as a favorite meal.”

As much as I find this book joyful, I have to say that the print is so tiny and the font so ornate that many a reader will have trouble reading it.  But this is something that is immediately noticeable.

I visited Sara Midda’s website to check out another of her books; Sara Midda’s South of France.  She has a website where you can visit her sketchbook of the south of France.

This really is a delicate and lovely gift of a book.  I enjoy having it nearby to pick up and leaf through  periodically. Makes me smile.

The nice publishing people at Workman Publishing were kind enough to send me this finished copy. I hope you will feel emboldened to take a look at A BOWL OF OLIVES.


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