Giveaway! The Ship Of Brides by Jojo Moyes

Jojo Moyes

The Ship of Brides

THE SHIP OF BRIDES, by Jojo Moyes, is one of her first novels. It was published in 2005.  I jumped at the chance to read one of her earlier novels. I need to see if they are all wonderful.

THE SHIP OF BRIDES begins with a prologue that takes place in India in 2002. An elderly woman is traveling with her granddaughter and a young Indian man. They unexpectedly come across the carcass of an abandoned ship from WW11. And the memories begin to flood this old woman’s memory.

Chapter one takes us back to the year 1946, and Australia where four war brides are preparing for a journey to be reunited with their husbands. Actually they are joining 650 war brides, all sailing aboard the HMS Victoria, an aircraft carrier, filled to capacity with naval officers and arms. They are bound for England.  The war is over. And the brides are finally off to be rejoined with the husbands they married and barely know. Can the frenzied love that brought them together during wartime keep them together in normal times?

This amazing novel is based on fact. You do know how I love that. Well, there really were 650 war brides on this very ship all those years ago.  What a story. You already know what a great storyteller Moyes is. She has managed to pluck four women from totally different backgrounds, with unique stories and some secrets, and give us a story we will never forget. Once again, I find myself learning by reading good fiction.


Jojo Moyes

I have one copy of THE SHIP OF BRIDES by Jojo Moyes, for my giveaway. Please leave a comment below. I will choose one winner on Monday, December 8. Only U.S. addresses, please. And no P.O. boxes. Good luck!

My giveaway is sponsored by Penguin publishing. Thanks guys!


20 thoughts on “Giveaway! The Ship Of Brides by Jojo Moyes

  1. I’m currently reading One Plus One by JoJo and my book club discussed Me Before You a few months ago. I loved both of those and would really like to read another book of hers.

  2. This sound like a wonderful book. I like the India and WWII connections, and I like the fact that the story is based on fact. Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. Finished not long ago the last letter from your lover that I loved! (in my top 3 of Jojo Moyes book read so far) As you say, she is a story teller. Good luck to everyone!:-)

  4. This book caught my attention because my husband’s aunt married a British solider who was in the port of New York just after the war ended. They settled in England.

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