An Island Christmas by Nancy Thayer

Nancy Thayer

An Island Christmas

Each year I hope to find a Christmas story to help put me in the holiday mood. Until last year I really had a hard time. Last year I chose A NANTUCKET CHRISTMAS, by Nancy Thayer. I absolutely adored the story and fell in love with the dog. This year I was anxious to read AN ISLAND CHRISTMAS, by Nancy Thayer. I was not disappointed.

Just imagine a lovely white Christmas wedding planned for Nantucket Island. Wow. I picture pristine white, carols being sung, snuggling up by the fire. And we do get all this, and much more.

Holidays are usually trying times for family get togethers. There are always plenty of tense moments no matter how close the family members and their mates may be. This year, on Nantucket, is no exception. As Felicia is planning on returning to her family home to wed her down-to-earth and rugged boyfriend, Jilly, her mom, is stressing out over the upcoming event. You see, Jill would love nothing more than to see Felicia married in a lavish ceremony while Felicia just wants to  keep it simple. And mom just isn’t keen on this wedding, at any rate. In fact, she feels Felicia would be so much better- suited and happier, married to her guy friend from childhood who is very available, or so we are led to think. Then older sister, Lauren, arrives with her rowdy kids. And brings with her the gorgeous wedding gown she has made for her sister.

Just before the brood arrives Jill and her husband take a moment to go out to lunch. A lunch that never even gets ordered. George, Jill’s husband, suggests that maybe, just maybe, they should check out the local animal shelter for a kitten to adopt. He’s hoping this might get Jill out of her funk. So off they go in search of a kitten. Who they find ends up being a big part of the story. I love putting an animal in the middle of a family story. And this works like a charm.

AN ISLAND CHRISTMAS, by Nancy Thayer, will have you laughing and nodding your head in understanding as treasured heirlooms are broken, kids are screaming, and beloved pets are upended. All in the name of love and family.

This heartwarming tale is perfect to read while sipping a hot cup of tea or a nice glass of wine. Happy Christmas to all!


I have to give a shout out to Ballantine Books for providing me with a lovely finished hard copy of AN ISLAND CHRISTMAS in exchange for an honest review. And that was easy:)


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