The Killer Next Door by Alex Harwood

 THE KILLER NEXT DOOR, by Alex Marwood, is “scary as hell!” That coming from Stephen King. He loved Marwood’s first novel titled THE WICKED GIRLS. And he says this new one is even better. Coming from Stephen King, that is an amazing endorsement.

I have many readers who love a good mystery. With a starred review from Kirkus and a glowing blurb from the king of mystery himself, this one is sure to please even the most discerning mystery reader.

“Dingy, dirty, and in a perpetual state of unsafe disrepair, 23 Beulah Grove in South London is a last resort for its residents. But with no lease, no credit check, and rent paid in cash, the boarding house is attractive in its own way to the six occupants who all prefer to live under the radar. There is Cher, a young runaway who is evading social services, and Gerald, a recently divorced father who keeps to himself. Vesta, the oldest and longest-standing tenant, resides in the basement apartment, while quiet Thomas inhabits the top floor. Striking Hossein, a political refugee from Iran, tries to forget the horrors of his former life; and Collette, the newest resident, runs from a dangerous past that seems to inch increasingly closer. Presiding over them all is th obese, lecherous landlord who has no qualms about taking advantage of their vulnerability with frequent rent hikes and unsafe living conditions.”

Secrets are the norm at 23 Beulah Grove. Then something shocking and deadly happens one summer night that changes everything.  These people who do not want to know each other for various reasons are forced into an unwilling alliance.  It’s unnerving to say the least. And out comes the old adage: How well do you know your neighbors?

THE KILLER NEXT DOOR, by Alex Marwood, is published in trade paperwork, and is available to purchase today, October 28, 2014. My review copy arrived from Penguin Random House in exchange for a spotlight or review or both.


Now that I am affiliated with Barnes & Noble Booksellers, I’m able to offer you a link to the BN site so you can purchase this book from my blog. Yes, I receive a tiny % of anything purchased through my site. How cool is that!

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