Stunning Asheville Color

Asheville October 25

Blue Ridge Parkway


I visited Asheville, North Carolina this weekend. My daughter and her family live  in this amazing part of the world.  On Saturday we drove along the Blue Ridge Parkway and this is what we saw, over and over again. Magnificent offerings of color punctuating the mountains in all their glory. Everyone said they have not seen the likes of this in years. So glad I chose this weekend to visit.

The weather in Asheville can be puzzling; tricky. Saturday morning temperatures hovered around the freezing mark. But by later in the day it warmed up significantly.



Deck With A View!

This is the majestic view from Alicia’s home on the side of the mountain in Asheville. I love enjoying a cup of steaming hot coffee while viewing the mountains that are seemingly an arm’s reach away. And I love enjoying a full-bodied glass of red wine in the evening as the stars appear in the night sky. There is nothing quite as satisfying as spending time with a loved one in this venue. I feel so blessed.


My visit to Asheville was not just a family visit. There was some business to attend to. Alicia helped me completely revamp my website. I hope you enjoy the new header and format. I would welcome your comments. So far, I love it!


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