Against Football by Steve Almond

Steve Almond

Against Football

AGAINST FOOTBALL, by Steve Almond, is a well-written frustrated expose of the game of football as we know it today.

Steve Almond has written a  searing and passionate book about America’s most popular sport. He’s an award-winning writer with a whole lot to say, and you might want to listen to him.

“On any given Sunday football functions more like a national religion than a sport. Millions of fans gather to take in the grace, drama, and pageantry of the game. In fact, we love football so much we’ve become blind to its dangers. 

Simply put: the game isn’t good for us.”

Okay, so many of you are probably asking yourselves why I am reviewing a book about football. I don’t blame you. I’m a mom and a grandmother who is very concerned for the well being of young people playing the game.  It seems to become more dangerous every year. I hear about the deaths, yes, deaths, of high school and college players each season. This year has been the worse yet. I would not want one of my loved ones playing this game. It simply is not safe.

Steve Almond loved football. Was a big fan. But he’s seen the light and it isn’t pretty. His new book shines a bright unfettered light on this sport that pays its players inordinate amounts of money . But is this money worth it. I say an unequivocal NO. I also see the abuse some of these players are capable and do not endorse their lifestyles.  It is all shocking to this grandmother.

After hearing about the medical research related to brain damage and dementia, I have to wonder what any mother is thinking to allow her beloved child to play this game.

If you are concerned about the safety of this game, read this book!

My review copy came from Melville House. And you should see the blurbs from famous people endorsing this book!


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