Remembering Diego

Fav cat


We lost our precious Diego who would be turning fourteen the end of this month. He went to his next life on Friday afternoon. We recently discovered through an ultrasound that our boy had a massive tumor in his stomach. After a consultation with an oncologist we made the decision to treat it as non-aggressively as we  possibly could with prednisone.  For Diego, this was the only choice as we knew he would just go downhill if we had to drag him out of the house for any sort of treatment. He actually only lived less than one week from the time of diagnosis. So we know it was the right choice. And the prednisone allowed him to eat his meals, something he would not have been able to do without it. However, his passing was not easy.  And we are still reeling from the horror of it all. Cancer is a horrific disease.

I will always think of the first time I saw Diego. He was just five weeks old. His little tummy was as round as a golf ball and his his ears were too large for his head giving him the look of Yoda.  He was scruffy and tough and chased after his older sister (five weeks older) and his much older brother Maurice.  We have great photos of all of them.

Diego was born in the wild. Left to die alone. His siblings all perished as well as his mother.  We were so lucky to have him come into our lives. I can not tell you how much happiness and joy he brought to us and our family.  And we gave him a wonderful life full of the tasty food he loved and the special blankets and sunspots on the lanai and in the windows where he loved to spend his days.

Last Sunday Diego had a great day sleeping on the lanai in the sun with the gentle breezes drifting close to his senses. Thursday was another really great day for him. And Thursday night was very special. He ate his favorite dinner and spent the evening making doughnuts on his ottoman with his favorite blanket, purring his head off like he used to. Then he cuddled with Jack and me before settling down for the night. We are grateful for this last day and night.

To say Diego is missed is a gross understatement. But we want to celebrate his life.  And we thank him for all the joy he brought to us.



7 thoughts on “Remembering Diego

  1. It sounds like you and Jack are very responsible pet owners. Words that veterinarians wish they could say more often. Anne Mahr (wife of a veterinarian)

  2. I’m so sorry about Diego-it is so hard to lose a pet-they are so special to us. It sounds like you did the best thing for him-making his remaining days comfortable and happy.

  3. How lucky you were to have Diego all these years. We lost our Westie of 15 and a half years and it is not easy to lose a member of the family.
    My sympathies to you and your family.

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