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Jim Snowden

Summer of Long Knives

THE SUMMER OF LONG KNIVES, by Jim Snowden, takes place deep in the heart of Hitler country, in 1936. To say the sense of place creates a feeling of tenseness and unease is putting it lightly.

For Kommisar Rolf Wundt and his wife Klara, it has become quite unbearable and they are planning their leave-taking of Nazi Germany while they still can.  Then, a horrendous crime is committed and Rolf finds himself unable to leave.

Jim Snowden has created a murder mystery full of memorable characters that keep you turning the pages late into the night. I am not a huge murder mystery fan. Most of you familiar with my blog know this.  But I can recommend this one for those of you who are fans.  And for you fans of WWII, this one is for you too.

Jim Snowden even manages to bring humor into a story that is fraught with serious scenes that command attention. I thought he was a German author at first. Then read that he lives in the Seattle area and just loves telling stories.

I will say that I do not like the cover of the book, at all. This can be a problem with  small presses that are mostly print on demand books. In this case, I believe this book deserves a better cover. And I wish the book was available in stores. But it is a print on demand title meaning they print it when you order it. I checked out data base at the BN store where I work. I can order it, but none of our stores have it on the shelf.


Jim Snowden

Jim Snowden received his MFA from the University of Washington in 2004.  His debut novel, DISMANTLE THE SUN, was published by Booktrope Editions in 2012 and won the David Guterson award for new fiction.

My copy came from the people at TLC Book Tours. Thanks guys.

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2 thoughts on “TLC Book Tour: The Summer Of Long Knives By Jim Snowden

  1. Hi. Thanks for doing this review. I’m glad you enjoyed the book. My publisher would beat me if I didn’t mention that any bookstore can order copies of SOLK through Ingram, so if shopping at B&N or Amazon isn’t your thing, stop by your preferred indie and ask.

    Thanks again. If you need anything else from me, or if readers have questions, just let me know.

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