My Paris Kitchen By David Lebovitz

David Lebowitz

My Paris Kitchen

How lucky can a girl get? Pretty darn lucky. I received this absolutely amazing cookbook  by one of my favorite food writers, David Lebovitz, from Blogging for Books. Really, it came from Random House. All in exchange for an honest review. I am totally giddy.

When David Lebovitz moved to Paris ten years ago he didn’t really know what he was getting into; didn’t speak any French and knew only two friends. His kitchen was so tiny he says his workspace was the size of a chessboard. OMG! He really, really wanted to live in Paris.

In the years since he first arrived in Paris, he has come a long way. But not without many challenges and many adventures. I really admire him, and I am head over heels in love with his writing. And I adore his blog. You will too!

David worked for thirteen years at Chez Pannisse before leaving the restaurant business in 1999 to write fulltime. He’s the author of six books including the memoir, THE SWEET LIFE IN PARIS, that won over my heart. And had me laughing my head off. I have handsold this book over and over.

There are so many recipes in, MY PARIS KITCHEN ,that I have flagged, that my book is beginning to look well-used, already. I have chosen three to showcase in this post, with photos.


French onion soup.

This amazing, gooey, sumptuous dish is made with two yummy cheeses: Emmenthal and Comte or Gruyere. I can’t wait to make it. I am a big fan of French onion soup. This one is sure to be a step up.

I’ve been on a roll seeking unique BBQ rib recipes. This one is a definite contender.


Caramel Pork Rib

French food

Ham, blue cheese, and pear quiche.


And I could not resist adding a photo of this tantalizing and creamy ham, blue cheese, and pear quiche. It looks so good I wish I could make it magically appear this very moment!

David’s photos are vibrant and plentiful. I am always suspicious of a cookbook without pictures, not to mention…disappointed. Not to worry here.

David tells and shows you about shopping for the ingredients for his recipes.  He has so much fun gathering all the really good food he incorporates into his recipes. You will enjoy his visits to local markets as much as I have. I could imagine visiting Paris to visit the markets alone. I really enjoyed living vicariously through David.

After learning how David was able to prepare and concoct these amazing dishes in less than standard conditions, you must know that you too can whip up these tasty morsels. After all, most of us have full kitchens. He dedicates a page at the end of this gorgeous book to sources.  If you are having trouble finding any of the ingredients or supplies, he provides links so you can acquire them.

I could go on and on about this cookbook. It is so much more than a cookbook. And it’s one of the cookbooks I’ll be giving as gifts this holiday season, and beyond. And, oh, the photos of the City of Lights throughout will have you keeping this book handy to leaf through whenever you have a spare moment.

As I stated at the beginning of this post, I have received this book in exchange for an honest review. What a pleasure!


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