Amy Falls Down By Jincy Willett

Jincy Willett

Amy Falls Down

AMY FALLS DOWN, by Jincy Willett, snuck into my to-be-read pile. That’s a good thing.  It’s my first time reading Jincy Willett but, it won’t be my last.

Amy Gallup is a writer past her prime, or so she thinks. One New Year’s morning she’s padding out to plant a Norfolk Pine in her yard in southern California when her world turns upside down; quite literally. Amy falls down. And knocks herself out on the lip of her birdbath. She wakes sometime later to find her basset hound Alphonse dutifully waiting for her to wake.  All it takes is one moment to change your life. And that is what happens to Amy.

Amy hasn’t been writing for some time. She’s a writing instructor online. So different from having to actually appear in front of real people. She’s become quite the recluse over the thirty years since her divorce and relocation to California from the East coast.  She’s lost touch with her readers. And she had been touted as a writer with much potential.

The interview Amy had scheduled for New Year’s Day will go on. Even though Amy grants it, she does not remember it. But everyone sees the photo ( hideous) of her in the paper and reads it. And now that internet and social media immediately take things viral, you can only guess what happens next. When Amy gets a call from her long lost agent she is flummoxed.  And then everything changes, and Amy has some monumental decisions to make.

The characters we meet as Amy takes on a writers’ retreat, are zany and colorful. Some of the topics they are writing about are unbelievable. It takes all kinds.

This literary satire made me laugh. And that is a good thing. Yes, writers do mostly live quiet, sometimes downright lonely lives. And sometimes they need to be jolted out of their comfort zones. Amy and Alphonse will make you laugh, and give you a quick and satisfying read.


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