The Girls Of August By Anne Rivers Siddons

Anne Rivers Siddons

The Girls Of August

THE GIRLS OF AUGUST, by Anne Rivers Siddons, has a cover to draw you in. And a story to go with it. It’s told in a voice that is almost old fashioned. And that works here.

Four women have been gathering to spend a week at the beach for almost twenty years. They met when their husbands were med students, and they were just girls. But as everything does, their lives changed. And one of them even disappeared. 

This novel of summer takes place on a fictitious island off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina, one of  my favorite places.  The women have decided to meet on a private island after many years of “taking a break.” Why a break from this; their summer getaway. Well, things just were not the same after Melinda died suddenly in a car crash. The rest of the girls of summer just did not have their hearts into it.

Along comes Baby, Melinda’s husband’s new wife. And a baby she is. So much younger that the other women find  this little hard-body scandalous! However, she comes from a family with money.  The sprawling summer home sitting right on the beach in the midst of a private island is perfect for their summer retreat. And so they go way out on a limb and decide to stay for two weeks.  Oh my, I can almost hear your groans.

Each woman is dealing with a monumental problem.  And they are each keeping it a secret.  No one wants to spoil this time they have together.

Baby is determined to find a way to infiltrate this group of women. She’s wanted nothing more than to fit in since her husband told her how close the girls had always been. But, as you can imagine, these women are loathe to allow anyone into their tight knit little group, let alone someone who is young enough to be their daughter.  But Baby is smarter than they think. And she perseveres.

Filled with the stuff of summer, and sprinkled with mystery and angst, THE GIRLS OF AUGUST is sure to make you laugh and cry.

I will admit to finding this novel somewhat predictable, however, having said that, I am happy to have had a new Anne Rivers Siddons. Thanks so much Anne!

And thanks to the generosity of Grand Central Publishing for sending me a beautiful finished novel. Lovely!


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