A Wedding In Provence By Ellen Sussman

Ellen Sussman

A Wedding in Provence

Okay, the cover is enough to sell this book! A WEDDING IN PROVENCE, by Ellen Sussman, is wonderful for summer.

I quickly immersed myself in this quirky novel set smack dab in the South of France. The photo cover sums up the looks and feel of this new novel. It is lovely, vibrant, and full with family and friends gathering together to celebrate a marriage.

Olivia and Brody are not your typical wedding couple. They are both in their 50’s and have been married before. Brody to the love of his life who succumbed to breast cancer a few years earlier; Olivia to a man she found she did not know after years of marriage.  And they’ve chosen to wed at the newly renovated inn of Olivia’s best friend in Cassis, France. This paradise is the perfect setting for a small, romantic wedding. The best friend is married to a Frenchman, and boy is he in the doghouse. He’s been doing what many Frenchmen do… So their marriage may not be the ideal coupling it appears to the outside world.

When Olivia’s grown daughters arrive everything gets ratcheted up a few notches. Nell, the eldest, brings her troubled past along. She also arrives with a total stranger she has literally picked up on the plane. Trouble. Carly, the youngest, comes from a geeky past that she promises to toss aside upon arrival. She’s not happy in her present life, and has decided it’s time to break out. All a prescription for angst. Especially for the bride to be.

Ellen Sussman brings us a story about family, love, and forgiveness.  It brings to mind weddings I have attended in past. Whenever adult families come together there are bound to be issues that pounce from the mothballed chest they have been kept in. Weddings are both blessings and curses. But, in this case, it’s lovely and entertaining. And you are going to fall in love with the French countryside. So, pull up your cozy chair, get yourself a cool libation, and read, read, read.

My review copy was furnished by Ballantine Books; an imprint of Random House. Thanks so much! With this gorgeous cover, it’s bound to be a best seller.


3 thoughts on “A Wedding In Provence By Ellen Sussman

  1. I really do like books like this one every now and then. I haven’t traveled anywhere so I love books that turn me into an armchair traveler, at least for a little while.

  2. First thing that comes to my mind with the title is ” a year in provence” that I really enjoyed. I love the south of France so this book might be for me! Thank you

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