We Were Liars By e.lockhart

e lockhart

We Were Liars

This teen novel was sent to me by the publisher. I do not usually read teen novels; in fact, never. But for some reason this one appealed to me, or so I thought it would.

I just finished reading this very quick and extremely disturbing novel.  WE WERE LIARS by e lockhart is getting some attention.

I would urge parents to be really careful when it comes to what their children read these days. Teen novels are unbelievably popular.  But you need to know what your kids are reading about. I do know many parents are just that: careful.

I found WE WERE LIARS disturbing. It didn’t scare me. It isn’t going to haunt me. But I hope it does not give any kids ideas. Lord knows, people do not need much these days. And the subject matter is downright horrid.

Four teens living on a private island paradise with their very well-to-do family. Bored. Upset at what is happening with their parents and relatives. They commit a crime. And pay for it dearly to say the least. I would say this is more of an adult book.  I could see adult book clubs discussing this novel. But, kids, not so much. I realize teen books have changed. I am aware of some of the topics that are tackled, but, still, this is more adult than teen.

I will say that that the book is extremely well-written. But this is an adult story.




2 thoughts on “We Were Liars By e.lockhart

  1. Wow. I had heard about the disturbing aspect. Some have said this is the MUST read book of the summer. It doesn’t sound as if you agree. I’m curious but with the teen drama in my house right now, do I need more? Probably not? But if it makes me thankful then maybe I will read it. LOL.

    • Ti, this book is so well written. But, if I did not know better, I would swear it was an adult book. I almost did not blog about it. It’s a really quick read. I hope you do read it. Then you can let me know what you think.

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