Delicious By Ruth Reichl

Ruth Reichl


I can’t tell you how excited I was to hear that Ruth Reichl was working on a novel. DELICIOUS is her first novel. But there will be more. All good.

Ruth Reichl is famous for her books on food writing. TENDER AT THE BONE and COMFORT ME WITH APPLES were both wildly received. Ruth’s been writing about food for years. She was the Editor In Chief for Gourmet magazine for ten years. So she knows of what she writes.

Billy Breslin is the young protagonist in DELICIOUS. She’s a small-town girl who is determined to move to NYC. When she gets a job working at the most iconic food magazine in the Big Apple, she’s over the moon. But shortly after she’s hired, the magazine goes out of business.


Ruth Reichl

What you get here is a fine-tuned story about an extraordinary woman with unique powers of identifying tastes and scents. She can tell you what herbs, spices, and seasonings are in any given dish. Sight unseen.  She’s hiding something. Does she know how to cook? What’s up with the estrangement from her sister? There’s also a mystery behind closed doors in the walls of the library within the quaint old magazine building. All told, this is a delightful story; just in time for summer.  Don’t miss it.

My advanced reading copy came from generous people at Random House Publishing Group. Thanks so much!




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