The Island Of Doves by Kelly O’connor McNees : Give Away.

Kelly O'Connor McNees

The Island of Doves

Look at this gorgeous cover! And I love the blurb by Stephanie Cowell, author of CLAUDE & CAMILLE.

I have one copy for giveaway. Please leave a comment below to enter my contest. I can only accept U.S. addresses, and no P.O. Boxes, please.

THE ISLAND OF DOVES is set in nineteenth-century America.  Susannah Fraser escapes an abusive marriage with the help of a strong woman.  Moving from Buffalo to Mackinac Island, this moving novel is based on a true story. My favorite kind.

Good luck to all of you. Tell all your friends. And thanks to the generous people at Penguin Publishing for the giveaway. Giveaway ends Sunday, April 27. Good luck!


16 thoughts on “The Island Of Doves by Kelly O’connor McNees : Give Away.

  1. How wonderful it would be to read a book about the island; we have a summer cottage just an hour away. I would very much enjoy reading this book and if someone else wins, then I will go to B and N, a brick and mortar store, and purchase it myself.

  2. How intriguing… am familiar with Buffalo and am learning more about Mackinac Island due to friends who go there every summer. Hope to visit someday soon …either in person or through this book
    Hope to win.

  3. I would love to read this book! I was born in Buffalo(my brother told me not to tell people where I came from). Many ancestors from Mackinac as well. Thanks for considering me. Anne

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