Home Sweet Anywhere by Lynne Martin

Lynne Martin

Home Sweet Anywhere

HOME SWEET ANYWHERE by Lynne Martin is a hoot. What a great summer read for those of us who can not get away right now. I have been living vicariously through Lynne and her husband Tim for almost a week now. And what fun it is!

Lynne and Tim Martin sold their home, most of their cloying belongings, and tossed caution to the wind. All this to get away from it all and travel the world while they still have their good health.

The one thing they decided to part with that bothered me was their dog. I can not imagine finding other homes for the four cats we’ve saved and lived with for twelve years.

Most of us can not imagine giving everything up, for any number of reasons.  But it did cross my mind while reading the first chapter. Mostly, I find myself getting great ideas and crossing places to visit or not to visit off my list. And Lynne writes with a humorous vein that will have you in stitches throughout. In fact, you may find yourself laughing out loud in a public place, piquing the interest of many a stranger.

Even though I have no desire to live or even visit Mexico anytime soon, I have to say I loved the home Lynne and Tim stayed in while there. The scenes with the animals and birds especially made me smile. But the visit to Turkey gave me the itch to add it to our list of must-sees. And on it goes.

I was a bit disappointed in Lynne’s response to my comment on her facebook page.  I made a very positive statement saying I would put this lovely book on my table at the store and sell it like candy bars. She asked me to make a comment on Amazon. I told her simply that I work at Barnes & Noble. Alas, Amazon has no tables at this point, and they are our direct competition.  I do hope the Martins understand how important it is to support brick and mortar stores, the only stores that can offer books immediately.




3 thoughts on “Home Sweet Anywhere by Lynne Martin

  1. Because of your column, I have become aware of and read many wonderful book. They were all purchased at Barnes and Noble. I have a Nook and have taken advantage of the on site Nook help desk ( In Estero, FL! Your store.). Something else Amazon doesn’t have.

  2. I support your decision to recommend B and N, above amazon; the latter is a warehouse where few work at less than minimum wage and no tax is paid to the state. Any real Bookstore is made of materials and people and readers. Amazon is destroying the American economy in many ways, not just books…they shoud be boycotted by all of us.

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