I Always Loved You by Robin Oliveira

Robin Oliveira

I Always Loved YouThis

The unforgettable cover of Robin Oliveira’s I ALWAYS LOVED YOU, is enough to intrigue you and pique your interest.  But it’s the story and the luscious prose that will get you in the end.

The prologue begins with Mary Cassatt with failing eyesight, searching for a bundle of lost letters.  When she finds them, she is taken back, way back in time, to the time she met Edgar Degas, and the years full of love and heartbreak.

Young Mary Cassatt moved to Paris from the United States after the Civil War. Here was a young woman determined to become an artist even though her parents were dead-set against her moving to Paris.

Those of you who follow my blog already know what a huge fan of I am of Paris. Well, I am here to tell you that Oliveira has done a bang-up job of bringing the Belle Epoque  era to life.  You will smell the lofty aroma of the coffee in the cafes lining the walkways. You’ll feel the crispness in the air as the seasons change. And you will never think of Mary Cassatt or Edmond Degas in the same light again.  Hard to imagine though it is, these two artists were full of self-doubt and feared rejection.

As Oliveira takes you along this journey of Mary’s life, you will be introduced to famous artists of the times: Renoir; Manet; Morisot; and Pissarro. What a treat. To be invited into their lairs; the intimate spaces they inhabited while producing their masterpieces.

This epic novel brims with light and oozes with elegant and insightful prose. Surely Mary Cassatt and Edgar Degas were in love. But it was never proven. See for yourself. And along the way, you will have not only a unique history lesson, you’re sure to be delighted.

I will be posting a Q&A with Robin Oliveira Tuesday morning. You won’t want to miss it!

My lovely finished copy of I ALWAYS LOVED YOU by Robin Oliveira was sent compliments of Viking Publishing. As always, thank you so much.

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