Giveaway: White Dog Who Fell From The Sky by Eleanor Morse

Eleanor Morse

White Dog Fell From The Sky

The place is Botswana. The time is 1976. Isaac Muthethe was a medical student until he witnessed the murder of his friend by a white policeman.  With no choice but to flee his country, he finds himself inside a hearse being smuggled across the border.  He thinks he’s died. But wakes to find himself covered in dust, tossed to the ground, and starring into the face of White Dog.

Alice Mendelssohn followed her husband to Africa. But her marriage doesn’t  work out. Alice hires Isaac to work as her gardener.  When he disappears she sets out to rescue him. Will Alice succeed?

WHITE DOG FELL FROM THE SKY by Eleanor Morse is steeped in emotionally beautiful portrayals of this mysterious country. It’s full of insight into the politics, apartheid, ancient art, and history.  And the love story between Ian and Alice is a thing of beauty.



Eleanor Morse lived in Botswana in the 1970’s. Her sense of place comes from being there. She’s nailed it. She’s given us not just a story but a telling of what’s been happening in this part of the world for seemingly ever. I can’t tell you how moved I’ve felt while reading about the plights of the animal migrations and the fencing. It’s not only horrible; it’s abominable. Unfortunately, I know it is true.


Acacia Tree

I have one copy of this beautiful book. This is a real winner! Penguin Books will be sending your copy. Please leave a comment below. I will choose the winner on Thursday, January 9th. Just U.S. addresses please. No P.O. boxes. And good luck!


Eleanor Morse ( photo- Rhonda Berg)


10 thoughts on “Giveaway: White Dog Who Fell From The Sky by Eleanor Morse

  1. Botswana has intrigued me since I first read the Number One Ladies Detective Agency and learned that Alexander McCall helped write their Constitution. I look forward to reading this book.

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