A Nantucket Christmas By Nancy Thayer

Nancy Thayer

A Nantucket Christmas

I have tried to read a Christmas themed book at this time each year. Most years I do not succeed. But this year I have found one that I love.  A NANTUCKET CHRISTMAS, by Nancy Thayer, is delightful. I read the prologue and didn’t know if I wanted to laugh or cry. But what I did know, without a doubt, is that I wanted to dive right into this one.

This little gem made me laugh and cry. Most of you know how much I love animals. Well, the little dog in  A NANTUCKET CHRISTMAS gets a bad deal, right off the bat. And what happens to him gave me pause; was food for thought. I’m sure this sort of thing happens in summer resort towns. But it sure is sad.

Nicole is a retired nurse, recently married to a handsome retired lawyer. They live cozily in his home on Nantucket.  It’s the week before Christmas and Nicole is readying the house for the holiday. And for the visit from Kennedy and her husband and little boy. Nicole is worried. She is trying  so hard to make it all perfect. She needs them to like her. But Kennedy is determined to put a damper on anything Nicole tries to do. You see, Kennedy is an only child. She is still hopping mad that her mother left her father. And now her dad has remarried. She thinks of her stepmother, Nicole, as a frumpy nobody who is the only thing in the way of her parents getting back together. Get ready for the fireworks.

Maddox is Kennedy’s little boy. He desperately wants a puppy. His mommy  will never allow it. Too much fur, dirt, and trouble. And Kennedy is preoccupied with the upcoming birth of her second child.

This novel is full of emotion. It’s full of love and makes the traditional definition of “family” look outdated. I fell hard for the dog and the kid. You will too. I also totally loved the island atmosphere that Thayer managed to pepper every page with. Who wouldn’t want to spend Christmas on a winter wonderland like Nantucket?

Grab a copy of this book, sip a glass of wine or a cup of tea, and cozy up with a fluffy animal. You are not going to want to emerge from this holiday tale.

I downloaded my review copy from Edelweiss. Thanks so much.


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