Second Star To The Right By Mary Alice Monroe, Giveaway

Mary Alice Monroe

Second Star To The Right

SECOND STAR TO THE RIGHT, by Mary Alice Monroe, is being released tomorrow. Now, if you’re expecting dreamy beaches and southern hospitality, you will be disappointed. However, if you are expecting more of the grand story-telling Mary Alice is famous for, well, you will be delighted with this magical tale for adults.

The story opens with single mom Faye O’Neill looking for a flat in London. She’s fled America and her ex-husband, and is seeking just the right safe spot to keep her two children safe. What she finds is a bit more than she had bargained for. A two-story building with three flats, and the one at the top is secured by an elderly woman they call Crazy Wendy, while the bottom flat is occupied by a single gentleman who is a scientist.

The cranky middle-aged landlady is actually the daughter of Crazy Wendy.  And she begins acting cagey right from the get-go. The single man appears to be a confirmed bachelor. And Faye has vowed never to get involved with a man again.

The story gets magical when we find that the Wendy in the story is somehow connected to the Wendy in the fairy tale of Peter Pan.  How can that be? Well, Mary Alice Monroe is quite the Peter Pan aficionado, so if anyone can bring this tale to life in an adult way, it’s Mary Alice. She drew me in straight away, then managed to keep me reading until I came to the very satisfying ending.

You might call this a romance. You could also call it part fantasy. But what it really is is a heart-warming story of love and believing. I found it just enchanting. With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season I think this is the perfect story to take you away from it all.

I have one copy in e-book form to giveaway that will come from the publisher. So, leave a comment, and soon one of you will be on your way to Neverland. My winner will be picked on Friday, December 6.


27 thoughts on “Second Star To The Right By Mary Alice Monroe, Giveaway

  1. When I was a child I believed in the land of lost boys and that they could fly, but never could wrap my mind around that that dog being their Nanny!

  2. Being a huge peter pan family, the turned
    Title has brought be to want to read this, even if it’s not about the boy himself…I look forward to reading it!!

  3. I love everything Mary Alice Monroe writes. Can’t wait to read this one. Will most likely stay up all nite to finish it!!! 🙂

  4. This book sounds like just the thing to “take me away” from all the hub-bub and craziness of the season. I can just imagine sitting in a big, comfy chair and sipping a big mug of hot cocoa while reading this delightful book.

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