Cat Sense By John Bradshaw

John Bradshaw

Cat Sense

For all you cat lovers out there: CAT SENSE, by John Bradshaw, is a must-have for your bookshelf. In fact, you could call this the Cat Bible.

Most people believe that dogs are the most popular pet. Not so. Cats are three times more popular.

Bradshaw has done his homework. He brings us oodles of facts and history, all about our dear feline companions.  Did you know that cats mostly do not like other cats? They are picky eaters. Why do they purr? Can they be trained?

Cat Sense

John Bradshaw

John Bradshaw is a renowned cat expert and anthrozoologist. Most recently, he appeared on the BBC Horizon television documentary, The Secret Life of the Cat. He discussed how cats think, their personalities, and how they interpret the world around them.

Cat number four

Syeed, our Turkish Angora

Syeed is our most photogenic cat. He is six years old, and gorgeous as you can see.  We found Syeed up for adoption at the yearly cat show. He had been found living in a trailer park in the woods on the wrong side of town. No one in their right mind would have dumped this unique and loving cat. He was five months old when found.

As a lover of cats and an owner of four cats, all rescued, I read everything I can get my hands on about cats. I found John Bradshaw’s CAT SENSE to be crammed with interesting tidbits of the history of cats. Plus, there was much factual info about things you may have though of as myth.

I do love knowing cats were worshiped in Egypt many, many years ago. They have not forgotten that.  My cats are all so regal and sophisticated.  Sometimes, when they jump up to play, I have to remind myself how stoic they usually are.

We have several cat beds throughout our home. And two cat trees that are usually filled on several levels.  Cats rarely pass up a napping opportunity. Sometimes in the afternoon, I get a chance for a nap. I always have at least one cat running down the hall beside me eager to have a napping partner.

Bradshaw says that cats can be very affectionate, but they are choosy about the objects of their affection.  Our cats do choose their companions carefully. We have two that nap together. And the girls get along well. But the two males sometimes get stiff about the neck and growl deep in their throats as they circle each other. It’s never come to actual fisticuffs. I think because Syeed knows Diego could beat the pulp out of him. No fighting, please:)

All in all, CAT SENSE belongs in a cat lover’s library. Although well-written, this book is dry. It’s written to inform, not to entertain.

I thank Basic Books, a division of Perseus, for my gorgeous finished hard cover.  I know the cat lovers are going to love this one.


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