A Hundred Summers

New England

A Hundred Summers

A HUNDRED SUMMERS, by Beatriz Williams ,was exactly what I needed to end the summer reading with.

This compelling novel that takes place in the beachfront community of Seaview, is in Rhode Island. Most of the story is right here on the shimmery edge of the shore, full of high- society and shocking secrets. But part of this novel takes place in the upscale Manhattan of both the spiraling out of control world of the crash, and the behind the scenes drawing rooms of the super-rich. The time is 1931-1938.

Lily and Budgie are best friends. At least, that’s how it seems, for a long time. But Budgie runs with a far wilder crowd than Lily. Both girls are in college and feeling like free birds. So off Lily goes flying down the highway with the top down, off to the football game in the next college town. Guys, guys, guys. Budgie already has her eye on Graham who is a suave, good looking guy  on the team. But it’s Nick Greenwald who catches Lily’s eye. The attraction is immediately mutual.

This is 1931. Nick Greenwald is from a Jewish family. Society was horribly biased in those days. And the Greenwald name did not bode well with Lily’s family. And here begins the horrible angst that makes this great novel so utterly readable.

There are horrendous secrets lurking in every corner. There is blackmail. Just when I thought I had figured it all out, bingo, a twist came along. This one will keep you up. It sure kept me reading long past my usual. In fact, I had cataract surgery yesterday and was still able to read this to the finish late last night. Thank GOD!

The cover of A HUNDRED SUMMERS is perfect. It brought back memories of summers I spent at Rehoboth Beach, in Delaware.  The sense of place was written so that I was drawn back to the beach of my youth; the smells, the feeling of the heat of the sand on my feet, the sounds of the surf as it foamed to shore. And with it, the promise of living forever that being a young woman in love brings.

I totally enjoyed this novel. It’s the perfect novel to end your summer reading with. Don’t miss it!

I took advantage of the loan program at work and signed this one out. Lucky me:)


5 thoughts on “A Hundred Summers

  1. Are you kidding me? You read it after cataract surgery?? Now I really have to read it – it must be breathtaking. Good for you – hope surgery went well, and get your sunglasses ready, especially in Florida.

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