In Falling Snow By Mary-Rose MacColl


In Falling Snow

IN FALLING SNOW, by Mary-Rose MacColl,  is a brand-spanking new novel that takes place in both Australia and France.  This is Iris Crane’s amazing story.

Iris Crane is an aged widow who spends most of her time worrying about her granddaughter Grace. Grace spends most of her time worrying about her grandmother’s health.  Grace was raised by her grandmother after her unmarried mother died in childbirth. There is much hidden away in this novel. Much that will unravel slowly with each chapter. I think you will be enchanted.

When Iris leaves Brisbane, Australia, in 1914 she is on a mission. It’s wartime and her young brother Tom has gone off to fight. He’s gone to Europe. Iris arrives in Paris determined to bring 15 year-old Tom home. But she gets sidetracked by a very tenacious woman who is setting up a field hospital north of Paris. How can she say no when she hears how much she is needed? She can always continue her search for Tom while helping at Royaumont.

Wind the clock forward many decades and we find Iris receiving an invite to a reunion at her beloved Royaumont.  As much as she wishes to attend, she knows it could be the death of her. She’s really aged and frail. And her heart probably could not take it. Maybe Grace would come with her. Now there’s a thought. But then she would have to tell Grace the secret. It almost wore her out just thinking about that.  But she is wild to go.

Grace and her husband are both doctors. Their lives are full with three kids to raise and two careers that demand most of their time.  And now something is not quite right with Henry, the youngest. And Grace is in denial.

Back in 1914, while working at Royaumont, Iris Crane meets Violet Heron, and a lifelong friendship begins.  At least it looks like it will be lifelong. But something stunning happens to this unusual friendship. The “Flower Birds” as they name themselves,  could not possibly see the future.

All the women in this novel are strong. And much of this novel is based on facts.  I love that. And I ended up loving this book.

My galley of IN FALLING SNOW by Mary-Rose MacColl came from Penguin Publishers. Thanks guys.

And the winner of IN FALLING SNOW is Patricia Stenz. Congratulations Patricia!! You’ve won a copy of this amazing book. Please send mailing address asap.


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