Foot Update

Just a quick post to bring everyone up to snuff on my recuperation. I saw my foot doctor yesterday. It was a very good visit. My scar is minute and looks very healthy. Plus, it is healing quickly. No more keeping it all wrapped up. But the best news is that nine days from today I will be walking again. No more hopping and riding the knee walker. Thank the lord! I know it will be very slow going for a while, but, hey, it will be walking. I am good.

I have had some stressful moments during my recovery period. One night while my husband was working I lost my phone. I knew it was somewhere in the house. Of course it was nearby. I had not gone far. I finally had a meltdown. I stood in the middle of the dining room and allowed myself to lose it; I screamed my head off. I live in the woods and knew no one could possibly hear me. But it felt good to let go. Of course I found my phone shortly thereafter; in my purse. Hadn’t used the purse and do not remember putting it there, but found it.

I am feeling a bit like a horse coming up on the gate. I am anxious and ready to do “stuff.” However I will have to keep a rein on myself. I do realize that I must be careful. Do not want to prolong recovery. No sireee.

Meanwhile, the books keep piling up. UPS is still a fixture in my driveway many afternoons.  I am raving about one that comes out on the 20th of this month. THE BOOKSTORE by Deborah Meyler is a peach of a book. You are going to love it. All for now.



Syeed is just one of my constant companions during recovery. Such a loving and sweet soul.

6 thoughts on “Foot Update

  1. So glad your recovery is moving along nicely – isn’t it good that you are a reader and had something important to do while you were healing. Enjoy so much your posts, and hope you continue to feel better each day.

  2. Jean, Just wanted to touch base and congratulation you on your recovery and latest addition to your family. I hope you will be able to join Estero Newcomers Club and our Encore Club on Nov. 11 for a book talk as we had discussed – it seems like months ago. I will certainly understand whatever you feel is appropriate for you. all the best, Jean Stanley


    • I’ll actually be back on my feet next week. Plenty of time to be ready for Season.looking forward to seeing all of your group on Nov 11.

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  3. So happy to hear you got a load off your shoulders,so to speak. And,that your goal is not too far in the future and that you are in the woods with nature. Will take The Bookstore with me to read on the plane on the 29th. Peace! Eileen Pearson

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  4. When I hurt my hand, I felt like a broken down failure and lost it many times. I can totally relate! I am glad it’s healing well though.

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