The Girl You Left Behind By JoJo Moyes

JoJo Moyes

The Girl You Left Behind

THE GIRL YOU LEFT BEHIND, by JoJo Moyes, is another home run, hit right out of the ballpark.

After reading Moyes’ hugely successful ME BEFORE YOU earlier this year, I was wild to read her newest novel.

Two women, separated by a century, both willing to sacrifice and fight for what they love.

Sophie LeFevre is barely eking out an existence in a small town in France.  She’s fled Paris where she and her husband Edouard were living a quiet existence as he made a living as a painter.  Now Edouard has gone to war to fight the Germans. It’s 1916, and France is occupied. WW1. Sophie has her sister and her brother, as well as her young niece and infant nephew to look after. Her sister’s husband is also off fighting in the trenches.  The women run a small inn in town where the few residents left congregate most days to warm themselves over the fire, sip the occasional drink, and trade stories of atrocities done to them by the Germans.

The other part of this novel takes place in London in 2006. Olivia Halston is a widow who thinks she has lost everything. She has one small painting her husband Paul gave her on their honeymoon. She treasures it over all other possessions.  Suddenly, this painting becomes the central issue in a lawsuit.  Where did it really come from? Who is the rightful owner? And is Liv’s already delicate world about to come tumbling down around her unprotected shoulders.

This novel raises her even  higher in my estimation. She has won me over totally. You will be enthralled with this novel. I guarantee it!

Viking is once more providing the book for this giveaway. Thanks again.

And the winner of this fabulous new book is Diane Sutta!! Congratulations Diane. Please contact me by email with your mailing address. You are one lucky girl.

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JoJo Moyes


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