Recovery Update

Lucinda Riley

The Lavender Garden

This is what I am reading today. And it’s a winner in all aspects. Paris, 1998, and Paris and France during WWII. Winner.

So many of you have kindly inquired about my recovery from the recent ankle surgery. I am happy to say that the ankle is healing properly. My post-op visit was Tuesday. The doctor took a look at the stitches and his handiwork and was very happy with it. He also took an x-ray of before the spur was removed, then again, after. He printed a copy so I could have it to bring home to show the grand kids. It is impressive.

I have had this surgery before; on the left ankle, four years ago. The tendon had become shredded by the huge bone spur that had grown so much it had begun to erode the Achilles tendon on the back of that heel. I dealt with it for a year, limping around in pain, wondering if I would just have to limp around forever.  Well, this time, I knew right away, that it was another spur causing the problem. But, still, my foot doctor had me try every method available before giving up and calling for surgery. You might ask why not just take it off straight away? I did too. The answer is that the surgery on the right ankle is a more difficult one to deal with. I have to be non-weight-bearing for six to eight weeks. No weight at all. The reason is because in order to get the spur off the ankle the tendon has to be divided. The mending time is long. And the recuperation is tedious. It is tiring.  But it had to be done.

Each day, I’m reminded  what it’s like to be dependent on others, to have to come up with unique ways to shower and get around. It is a challenge. Some days are better than others. I am grateful to be able to have this opportunity to heal during the summer months before the winter folk arrive in force.

I will continue to bring you snippets of my updates on the recovery. But, mostly, I will just wish to share my reading with you. I have lots of books to read; all vying for attention.

Thank you so much for your kind thoughts. I am thankful for your readership. Keep those comments coming. And don’t forget to enter to win my giveaway for RETURN TO OAKPINE by Ron Carlson.


5 thoughts on “Recovery Update

  1. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I wish I could read a fast as you. Most all the reviews sound great and I want to read them all. How do you do it??

  2. So glad you are healing well. And that you have many good books to read. Did not realize that you had been through this before. Which still does not explain the terrible pain you endured!!! I felt so bad to hear that. So, with that behind you, continue to be patient and all of your many friends rely on your keeping us posted. Eileen Pearson

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