The English Girl By Daniel Silva

Daniel Silva

The English Girl

I’ve been on a whirlwind trip across London, Corsica and the French Riviera, and into Russia. Wow, talk about a page-turner. Daniel Silva has  one with his newest thriller, THE ENGLISH GIRL.

Make sure you have fed the animals, cancelled any commitments, and have the time to do nothing but read this amazing story of espionage moving through several countries. Silva proves once again that he is the master of the thriller.

My favorites are back. And Gabriel Allon is at  the top of his game, along with his wife Chiara and all the other characters who have become almost like friends or family.


Daniel Silva

Silva begins his novel on the lush island of Corsica, just off the coast of Italy and France. It’s summertime. A group of young people from London are enjoying some vacation time sharing a house on this gorgeous island paradise.  But something is in the air.  And it’s not pleasant.

When one of the vacationers goes missing, the troops are called in. The troops meaning Gabriel Allon. Why would Allon be summoned? This matter is more than a normal missing person problem. This missing young woman is a servant of the British government. She’s also been involved romantically with someone very high up in power within the British Commonwealth.  The truth behind this matter must not be unveiled; ever.

Oh, the webs we weave. The intrigue. And we all know what happens once the Israeli secret service is involved.  And Allon is retired. Isn’t he? Would we really go so far as to really believe Gabriel Allon would stay retired? But what would possibly bring him out of retirement? It would have to be something utterly spectacular. And it is!

The pages of my book were flying as I put all other books aside to dive into this new Silva novel. I knew I would be enthralled. I knew I would learn more about different countries secrets. And I knew I would fall in love with this book. And I did.Daniel Silva

Corsica is one of the countries I knew almost nothing about. But Silva has managed to capture the life and breath of this incredibly lush island country that floats between France and Italy. It is French territory. And much of the story takes you to the exotic south of France as well. And then to Paris and on to London. Then to….Russia, the dark of the dark.

The safe houses are back. The enemies are harsher than ever. And the secrets abound. With twists and turn at every corner, you will not, be able to figure this one out. I love the way Silva manages to insert timely news into his novels. But we all know he has  his fingers on the pulse of what’s happening, globally.  And he uses it wisely in his stories. This is what helps make his novels so engrossing. Many times the news seems almost swayed by his topics:)

Author with booksellers

Daniel, Barb, & Jean

I had the pleasure of meeting Daniel Silva a few years ago when we were lucky enough to have him come to our store in Naples for a signing. I include a photo of Silva with Barbara Creason and me. He is absolutely delightful.

I loved the story, I loved the end. You will too. The end made me smile like a Cheshire cat!

Thanks go out to my contacts at Harper Collins. You guys rock. Thanks so much.


One thought on “The English Girl By Daniel Silva

  1. Very nice review! This book, like the others also had me neglecting my cat (well up till that precious point when she becomes intolerably demanding) and some washing. I just wished it was either MUCH longer, or that next year will come sooner. I found an archived interview Silva had with the Book Report radio show (see the archive pages on the show’s website – bookreportradio dotcom), and the book that I had just put down, turned from being a work of fiction, a work of… fiction derived from real-life headlines. The Russian spies in the US, and Snowden holed up in Russia. Silva speaks quite strongly about the NSA’s predicament, as our own – is our privacy worth a national security risk?

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