Review Of The English Girl On Tuesday

Daniel Silva

The English Girl

I recently blew through Daniel Silva’s newest novel. THE ENGLISH GIRL will be on sale on Tuesday, July 16. I’ve been working on my review and will post it on Tuesday.

I’m going in for surgery today. I will be out of commission for  just a couple days. Will be off my feet for six to eight weeks. I have plenty of books to read. I will have plenty of time to post on the blog and read. And I’m keeping in touch with all my publishing friends and bloggers. Will have lots to talk about.


Daniel Silva With Me & Barbara

Daniel Silva was so gracious a few years ago at a book signing at our store. Barbara and I are huge fans.  I cherish this photo.

I’ll be back in a couple days. See you then.

3 thoughts on “Review Of The English Girl On Tuesday

  1. Good luck on your surgery! PatMcMahon and all the Tea Time Bookclub members at Pelican Nest.

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