Inferno By Dan Brown

Dan Brown


I always find time to sneak a new Dan Brown thriller into my mix. So when INFERNO came out I jumped all over it. I was not disappointed. I never am with Dan Brown.

You will delight in the return of Robert Langdon in INFERNO. I love Robert Langdon. I always think of him as Tom Hanks now that Hanks plays the character in the movie versions.  Robert has gotten himself into quite a fine mess this time. As the story opens we find ourselves in Florence, Italy, with Robert. And Robert has not one iota how he’s arrived in one of his favorite places.

I love the venues Brown has chosen in the novel. We’ve been to Florence, and to Venice, so it was fun following the exploits of the puzzle solvers. From one renown museum to the next, it just kept getting more intricate, with colorful pictures of the places visited, and hints hiding behind every artifact, this novel will have you on edge for the entire story.

Dan Brown is the author of several thrillers; all take place in famous cities around the world.


Dan Brown


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