Bad Monkey By Carl Hiaasen

Carl Hiaasen

Bad Monkey

BAD MONKEY, is the latest hysterically funny regional novel from Carl Hiaasen. If it’s zany, it’s a Hiaasen novel. Full of off the wall characters based on some of the wild happenings we actually have in South Florida. Carl Hiaasen  writes a column for the Miami Herald, where you can find him satirizing almost everything you might find in the news.

I’ve long been a fan of Carl Hiaasen. But at some point I found some of his humor just a tad more than even I could take. BAD MONKEY has brought me back. Sure, it’s whacky, but it’s the kind of whacky I can relate to.

I love reading about the Florida Keys and Key West especially. Most of the shenanigans in BAD MONKEY take place in and around Key West. You’ll be able to recognize the streets, the eateries, and the landmarks. And the characters will be right there where they belong.

Journalist and novel writer

Carl Hiaasen

Imagine a law enforcement officer taken down a peg, a long peg, to become a restaurant inspector, aka, roach patrol. Why and how? Those of us who have worked in the restaurant industry will get a howl and a half from this. Andrew Yancey is one of the best Hiaasen characters in a long time.  And what about the arm complete with designer watch that appears at the end of a tourist’s fishing pole? Now where the heck did that come from? Mystery. Mayhem. And lots of laughs, all taken  straight from the crazy stuff that really happens in our sunny state.

Hiaasen is known for tackling environmental issues, and he keeps the faith here by having more than one corrupt real estate developer. My favorite is the agent who is erecting an offensive, enormous, spec house on Big Pine Key right in front of Yancey’s modest abode. What little glimpse he had of the sunset is all but gone now. You will laugh your head off reading about his exploits to keep prospective buyers  at bay.

There are way too many characters in this novel to mention them. In fact, probably too many. But who cares! It’s Hiaasen. He can get away with this.

Half of this craziness takes place in the Bahamas. Just adds to the nature of things. Brings even more vacation reading to the page.

This great summer read came to me from my friends at Knopf. I thank you kindly. We all need some comic relief this year. Well, folks, here it is!

2 thoughts on “Bad Monkey By Carl Hiaasen

  1. I’m about ready for something funny, after everything I’ve read lately about Germany in the 30’s. Thanks for the review.

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