Finding Your Element By Ken Robinson

Ken Robinson

Finding Your Element

FINDING YOUR ELEMENT by Sir Ken Robinson is the follow-up to his first best-selling book, THE ELEMENT.  In the first book he talks about how using your personal talents leads to enrichment in your life. In FINDING YOUR ELEMENT he takes it one step further by showing how we can find and develop our talents through our passions.

I have a dream job. I’ve not always been able to say this. I worked in restaurants for most of my life. I performed everything from waiting tables to managing.  It changed my life. I met my husband through our work in restaurants many years ago. We both love food and cooking. Our entire family are huge foodies. So much came from it. However, books are my true passion!! I love everything about them. I love the way they smell, the way they entertain and teach me, and the way they lead me to other readers who feel as I do. And now I make my living by reading, selling, and talking about books. How cool is that! For me, it’s perfect.

I know many people who are not as lucky as I am. They are staying in jobs they hate because they feel they have to because of the money, or just fear of the unknown. Robinson is here to help.  He will show you how to step outside your comfort zone and possibly change your life, forever.

I first heard of Robinson a couple of years ago when he came out with THE ELEMENT. I thought then that he was onto something. And it seems he really is.  Here he provides exercises to help you tune in to your abilities, pin point weaknesses and strengths, and give you a step up to get you started in the best direction for you.

” Finding your element is a highly personal and often surprising process. It has different outcomes for each of us.”  Straight from Sir Ken.

My copy of FINDING YOUR ELEMENT came from Viking, a division of the Penguin Group. Thank you so much.

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