Happy Father’s Day From Here To Paris


Tower Eiffel

One of the fathers in my life is having the Father’s Day of a lifetime. He’s also celebrating twenty years of marriage to my daughter, Alicia.  Chris and Alicia are strolling the avenues and boulevards of gay Paris this week. They’ve managed to send some video and take some great photos. I hear the food is great. No surprise there.

While these two very deserving people are enjoying a little getaway Jack and I are watching their two very busy little ones.


Baking A Cake For Pop Pop

Emerson was a big help this morning.  She is making a cake for PopPop for Father’s Day.  Liam was very busy watching Sponge Bob Square Pants. But he did take a break long enough to lick one of the beaters:)

The biggest challenge I’ve found so far has been one of food issues. Both children love fruit. That is all good. We love fruit too.  But when it comes to everyday dishes that we take for granted, well, we have stopped taking any food for granted. Spaghetti can be interpreted in different ways. For Emerson it means noodles with butter. For Liam it is pasta with red sauce and no meat. For us it is pasta with meat sauce.  And when was the last time you had Italian Wedding soup with the meatballs removed? We did it.

We do thank God for the pool and the nice weather to swim, swim, swim.


Paris Market

Meanwhile, the parents are sending pics of stuff like this Paris Market. Now, that’s a place I could get lost in.

We are so lucky to be able to have these two sweet children for this week.

Turtles, Bobcats, squirrels, birds, and stray ponies; you never know what will wander into our yard and make the kids’ day.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there who make such a difference in our lives, everyday.


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