The Silver Star By Jeannette Walls

Jeannette Walls

Silver Star

THE SILVER STAR, by Jeannette Walls is sure to be a huge hit with her fans. This, her third book, is a novel.  And it’s full of all the shenanigans we’ve come to expect from Walls.

I’ve long been a fan of, THE GLASS CASTLE: a memoir that stalked the best seller list for years. It’s now become a classic.  For me, it’s my favorite memoir of all time.

THE SILVER STAR begins with two young girls living in a down and out town in Nevada. Their mom has been trying to raise them alone even as she runs amok darting here and there chasing moonbeams, and often leaving them to fend for themselves. But this time, it’s been longer than usual. And the authorities are peeking in their windows. Soon, if they don’t skedaddle, they fear they’ll  be herded into a foster home.

Picture two tenacious girls, alone, taking a bus all the way across the country to find their estranged uncle, the only relative they’ve heard of. Imagine the characters good and bad they could meet along the way. And then what will be at the end of the journey?

Jeannette Walls has once again given us a story full of strong young people. And zaniness.  And a mom who’s not quite right.

I read this little gem in a day. It’s short. Very short. And everyone’s going to be talking about it.

My galley came from Scribner, a division of Simon & Schuster. Thanks a bunch! Loved it.


2 thoughts on “The Silver Star By Jeannette Walls

  1. I passed on this one. I wasn’t in the mood for a depressing read at the time and although it can be argued whether or not her writing is depressing, I do know it’s dark. And dark wasn’t cutting it for me at the time. Me? Ha! I must be off my game.

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