Best Kept Secret By Jeffrey Archer

Clifton Chronicles

Best Kept Secret

BEST KEPT SECRET, by Jeffrey Archer is the third in a five book series called THE CLIFTON CHRONICLES.  This new page-turner begins immediately after SINS OF THE FATHER. But we’ve had to wait a year for it. It’s been a long wait, but well worth it!

Harry and Emma finally have been allowed to wed. Harry has become a best-selling novelist. And their young son Sebastian is proving to be a real handful.

Emma’s brother, and Harry’s best friend, Giles, has come under the spell of a monster of a women who his mother sees for what she really is. But will Giles see before it’s too late?

The characters, whether shabby and poor or chic and filthy rich, reach out to you and pique your interest. Archer has an uncanny ability to bring life to his characters so that you begin to think of them as people you know. And then he is off and running. And you are hooked.

Archer manages to keep us on the edge of our seats once again as he introduces new characters and broader challenges. One of Sebastian’s school chums ends up being a link to the next installment of the Chronicles.

Jeffrey Archer is the ultimate storyteller. He spins a  yarn full of intrigue and  mystery, full of politics that prove as important and timely now as they were then, and most important, brings us a page-turner every single time.

I was hooked on Jeffrey Archer many years ago with KANE AND ABEL.  If you have missed that one, you simply must run out and buy it. It is amazing.

What a great time of the year for BEST KEPT SECRET to come out. You will want to add this thriller to your summer reading list.

St. Martin’s Press was kind enough to send me my galley. Thank you so much!

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