If It’s Spring, It Must Be Orlando. And If it’s April, It Must Be April.

I usually spend a week in Orlando in March. This year March turned into April.  I made a mad dash up the Interstate to visit my daughter and her two young children this week. Just got home today.  I try to go at a time when I can be of some help while her husband is traveling on business. Working a full time job, taking care of two young children, and being involved in a master’s degree program, is terribly hectic. So, I went to help.



Who is April? April is a one year old Boykin Spaniel puppy. She’s very sweet and loving, and, well, busy in a way only young doggies are. She has come a long way from the undisciplined young pup of August. Even though she is active and still has occasion to jump on you, she obeys commands to get “off.” She was my companion each day. Alicia told her this morning that she was losing her new best friend. You see, I’ve been supplying April with lovely rawhide bones:) She loves me.



I love Ikea.

I’ve made several trips to Ikea in Orlando over the years. The place is a total destination. They have everything. And it is usually priced right. I made the decision to buy another Billy bookcase on this trip. These bookcases come in long boxes and have to be put together. I thought I could drag a 77 pound box out of the store and get it into my SUV alone:) Now, how silly is that. Thankfully, a nice young man  helped me get it onto the cart. Then a nice lady helped me shove it into my vehicle.  Now that I am home with it, my very nice husband is going to put it together. Win/win for me.

I just had to take a photo of the gorgeous dress that Emerson is going to wear in a June wedding. The silver slippers will look amazing with it. At four years old she’s becoming a fashionista.

Emerson's dress

Emerson’s dress

Silver Slippers

Silver Slippers

Emerson’s big brother Liam has a worm farm in his room. He proudly showed it to me and told me that he had dropped it twice but the inhabitants had not been harmed:)

I had a great visit. My daughter even managed to get away and take me to lunch one day. Now that is quite an accomplishment!


2 thoughts on “If It’s Spring, It Must Be Orlando. And If it’s April, It Must Be April.

  1. I love the pup, the dress and the worm farm! Sounds like you had a wonderful visit.

    Oh and Ikea… I love Ikea! I could get lost in there. That furniture is deceivingly heavy though!

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