Z: A Novel Of Zelda Fitzgerald By Theresa Anne Fowler



I was lucky enough to get a galley of, Z: A NOVEL OF ZELDA FITZGERALD, many months ago. I fell for it head over heels and have been thinking about the story and the woman and her  life ever since. So, make sure you have plenty of time set aside as you dive into this one!


Zelda Fitzgerald

Not much has been written about Zelda Fitzgerald.  And no fiction that I am aware of. This fascinating new work of fiction not only involves Zelda, but delves deeply into the dark psyche of F.Scott, her husband.

This novel reads more like an expose than just a story. It definitely goes beyond the norm. And that is what I love about it.

Since seeing the Woody Allen film, MIDNIGHT IN PARIS, over a year ago, I’ve taken more than a passing interest in the characters portrayed in the movie. For the first time, I saw Zelda Fitzgerald and Scott in roles that really caught my attention. And I knew I wanted to know more about their lives. More than the here say we’ve all already heard.

I will tell you that I blew through this novel in two days. That is not my usual MO.  I just ate it up.  Not only did I read about Zelda and Scott,  Ernest  Hemingway was certainly a large part of this story. And not in a flattering way. Zelda and Hemingway were like oil and water. And Fowler does a great job of showing us this in all its glory.

Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald was born on July, 24, 1900, in Montgomery, Alabama. Her father was a Judge; her mother a very proper woman of leisure.

Fowler begins her story of Zelda in 1918 when Zelda is a very precocious 18. She is about to meet Scott. But we are given the opportunity to see what her life was like before he entered the picture.

NYC, Paris, The Riviera, all sparkle and pop in this story filled with Roaring Twenties madness.

I had no idea of the scope of  talent lying in wait inside Zelda Fitzgerald. And the style, the artistic brilliance, the substance. This novel turns Zelda and Scott inside out, shows us the way they really were, together and apart.  Is it a love story? Yes. Is it a tragedy? Yes, again.

Be careful when you open this novel. Make sure the dog is in, the cat is fed, the children are cared for, and you have plenty of undisturbed time. I devoured this book. It will invade your psyche. And clutch at your heart.

Zelda Fitzgerald has got to be one of the most misunderstood women of her time. This book, albeit fiction, blows the lid off her life and reveals the true character hidden within. Was she crazy, mad, nuts? She suffered from severe schizophrenia. Was institutionalized several times. But what triggered the episodes that took her sanity? Scott Fitzgerald was an alcoholic. Not just a drinker, a full-fledged addict of alcohol. These two people fed off of one another. They, both loved and hated, each other.

Was Scott jealous of any writing ability Z had? You betcha. Did he steal her work? That is for you to decide. There will be those who will say Scott got a bad rap and Z was the problem. Just as many will say Scott was the problem and Z could have been a different person on her own. They were both dealing with monumental issues. Hers just got more attention.

As you are being led through the worlds of The Jazz Age and The Roaring Twenties, you will come in contact with many of the fine writers and artists of that time. This puts icing on the cake, makes the excitement level rise.


Therese Fowler

I loved reading the book in Zelda’s voice.  I will forever think of this story through her voice. Fowler has captured it utterly and completely. It is perfect.

I received my galley from St. Martin’s press. I can’t thank you enough.

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