The Comfort Of Lies By Randy Susan Meyers

Randy Susan Myers

The Comfort Of Lies

THE COMFORT OF LIES by Randy Susan Meyers is a novel taking place in New England. It deals with choice, lies, love, and women’s issues.

Tia falls desperately in love with a married man. A married man with a lovely wife and two sons. When she finds herself pregnant, he disappears. And she gives their baby girl up for adoption.

Five years after this momentous event, three women are thrown together because of a letter with pictures Tia sends to Nathan, who is the child’s biological father. Juliette, Nathan’s wife, intercepts the letter and is devastated because Nathan never told her about the baby. She knew about an affair, but not about the consequences.

Meanwhile. Caroline and Peter are dealing with their own issues. They are the adoptive parents of the child. Caroline is the reluctant mother, having felt more or less pushed into adopting. Caroline would much rather spend her time in her lab doing research for pediatric cancer. She has convinced herself that she is not a good mother.

These people all end up being caught up in a tangle of disappointment and fear. At one point we see Tia thinking she must try to retract the adoption. We see Juliette panicking and not being able to forgive Nathan for yet another lie. And we watch the train wreck of Caroline and Peter being caught in the middle.

Some will call this chick lit. Yes, it will appeal to certain women. But there is a depth of emotion and a strength of writing that move this novel above that label.

I found the ending to be quite satisfactory. And I read through this novel quickly. I loved THE MURDERER’S DAUGHTERS. That was Randy Meyer’s first novel. Had been looking forward to this second book. Even though it is a lighter story it does not disappoint.

I have the generous people at Atria to thank for my beautiful hard cover. Thanks guys!

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